Cardiac Morphology Series
Atrial Arrhythmia Anatomy

With the increasing focus on Atrial Arrhythmia and on Atrial Fibrilation in particular, a thorough understanding of the anatomy of the atrial structures is mandatory for those working in or associated with cardiology.

Improved knowledge about the anatomy and the electrophysiologic properties of the atriums is leading to new treatment modalities such as new drug, linear- and focal ablation, compartmentalization by surgery or RF ablation, and implantable devices.

In this DVD Professor R. H. Anderson demonstates in his unique way the detailed anatomy of the atriums and their conduction system, utilising prepared human hearts. He shows the heart in its true anatomic position, which makes it easier to interpret X-Rays from the RP lab. He clearly points out possible re-entrant circuits, and where catheters are placed to measure and to ablate.

The DVD on this subject and the booklet which accompanies it are a must for anyone who is interested in the field of electrophysiology, or who wants to improve his/her knowledge about atrial arrhythmias.

Production: Andrew Cook, Vi Tran and Gemma Price