The Heart Academy is a new training resource of high resolution educational videos concerning the structural architecture of the heart in health and disease. It is developed by the founder of, Professor Andrew Cook, from UCL’s Institute of Cardiovascular Science.


The academy aims to be the central point of reference for learning about the structural architecture of the heart from cellular to whole organ level.

All training videos listed here were recorded and edited by Andrew Cook for use in various teaching programmes worldwide. We have endeavoured to keep the quality high, but adjustable, allowing for viewing on most devices. If you encounter technical problems please do contact us.

Videos can be downloaded for your own use on request but we ask that you comply with our creative commons licence. Any fees we charge will go towards keeping this resource up-to-date.

For those attending our Hands-on training / Short Courses, you will find video clips presented on the course within the Short Course section of this archive.

New 4K content & VLOGs will be available soon.



We regularly arrange bespoke teaching and training workshops for external companies and organisations both nationally and internationally and are experienced in developing these to specific requirements. Please contact us if you would like to discuss further or wish to develop any online educational activities.


Professor Andrew COOK

Prof Andrew Cook leads the Centre for Cardiac Morphology at UCL’s Institute of Cardiovascular Science / Great Ormond Street Hospital, now based at the GOSH/UCL Zayed Centre for Research into Rare Disease in Children in central London, UK.

He has an international reputation for providing education, training and expertise in the structural architecture of the heart, particularly in congenital heart disease (CHD), and during fetal development and is the founder of 

Current areas of research are: Deep-phenotyping of developing human CHD using Propagation-based X-ray Phase Contrast Synchrotron Imaging (X-PCI) and Micro-focus CT; Anatomy for device design; and Deep-phenotyping/analysis of mouse models of fetal CHD via high throughput, high-resolution HREM imaging.

We regularly run Short Courses & Webinars linked to Cardiac Morphology and accept visitors to our Lab for hands-on training (when current restrictions lift). For courses, please see link above, for webinars, the example below, or contact us for further details

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